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Kocean hot sale 360 magic household easy handheld water microfiber hot selling spray mop with sprayer Flat mop lazy mop set

360 ° Swiveling Head

The spray mop is designed with  a 360 ° rotatable head,that can easily turn to fit ant tight spot.No more achy muscles or back stains from stretching or twisting your body to reach difficult areas.Let the spray mop do the wor k for you.

Controlled Spectrum Spray Mist

Press the trigger in short bursts, or longer ones, to control the pressure of the spraying action.Cleaning mist will cover a fan-shaped area from a distance of 5to 40 inchs.

Cheap stainless steel pole microfiber flat mop floor cleaning

Product name: stainless steel pole microfiber flat mop
The handle pole : stainless steel  + ABS plastic
Mop head : 2pcs microfiber
Including: One pole and one mop
Color : Light coffee color ,other colors are available
Handle Size: 120cm or Customized size
MOQ: No MOQ for the first time cooperation.
Door,kitchen,bathroom,lobby,car,bedroom, etc
Selling point: 360 degree ,washable



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Water spraying

There is a small handle on the tail handle which is used to control the water spraying.
Humanized handle
With a soft sponge on tail to bring you a comfortable using experience.

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Large capacity

It has a water storage container that can store up 400ML water. It can mop a large area at a time without frequent water addition.
Powerful cleaning :This mop has the characteristics of strong decontamination ability, super water absorption and no hair loss. It can be rotated 360 degrees to clean every corner, easy to operate and easy to clean. Comfortable handle: The surface of the mop rod is smooth, light and firm, comfortable to hold. It keeps warm in winter, slips and absorbs sweat in summer, protects the skin of the hands and does not cause calluses.
Spraying function: When cleaning particularly dirty floors and surfaces, you can manually spray water and detergent to clean more effectively and improve working efficiency.
Soft material:The bottom plate of the mop is made of high-quality and soft PVA material, which makes it smooth when mopping the floor without scratching the floor to the utmost extent.
Large capacity: It has a water storage container that can store up to 300ml of water. It can mop a large area at a time without frequent water addition.

Package size:20 pcs per carton 65.5*44*55cm GW:19.5KG

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