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Factory Supply Household Cleaning Tools High Quality Dry and Wet Mop Household Flat Mop And Bucket set

A squeeze mop is a cleaning tool designed for easy wringing out of excess water. It typically consists of a sponge or microfiber head attached to a handle.

To use a squeeze mop, you would typically do the following:Fill a bucket or sink with water and add a suitable cleaning solution if desired.Submerge the mop head into the water and allow it to soak for a moment to absorb the liquid.Lift the mop out of the water and locate the wringing mechanism on the mop handle. This could be a lever, a squeezing mechanism, or a twisting action depending on the design.

Follow the instructions on the mop to activate the wringing process. This will help to remove excess water from the mop head, making it damp rather than soaking wet.Once the mop head is adequately wrung out, you can start using it to clean your floors. Push and pull the mop across the surface, applying pressure to remove dirt and grime.

Periodically rinse the mop head in the water and repeat the wringing process if it becomes too dirty or too wet.Once you have finished cleaning, rinse the mop head thoroughly, wring it out again to remove excess water, and hang it to dry.Remember to consult the specific instructions that come with your squeeze mop, as different models may have slight variations in usage.

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Easy and efficient elution More labor-saving
Edge heightening Effectivewater retaining, no splashing of sewage
Decontamination effect is good
Stable upright placement
No hand damage, no hand wash mop


Automatic springback
covenient to receice
Avaid dirty hands,incline 45
Automatic rebound,storage,cleaning,and drying



Absorb water stains
Wipe the ground without water marks


Mop bucket stainless steel Pole Handle Removable Spin Dry Magic Wash Mop cleaning hands free mop ,multi-use,for floor ,window,etc.



360 degree flexible rotation
Clean without dead corner

The Microfiber mop pad can pick up every tiny dust and hair.

  • Microfiber: Powerful decontamination,easy to clean.
  • Sponge layer:Strong water absorption,significantly improved cleaning efficiency
  • Adhesive layer:Adhered to the Velcro tightly on the bottom of the mop.


Suitable for a variety of flooring

Self wash & dry mop and bucket system set

Large panel mop

Revolutionarty big bucket & big mop head 

Saving Much effort

Clean is what I can, furniture cleaning professional is more efficient.


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