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X-shaped Foldable Clothes Rack Stainless steel Collapsible Dryer Rail Drying Stand Laundry Hanger For Indoor Outdoor

Clothes Hanger Drying Rack


  • Strong structure made of stainless steel pipe and one time cast accessories.
  • Easy installation by unfolding only. 
  • Space saving by folding as a slim bar after using.
  • Retractable from 1.5 metre to 2.4 metre.
  • Both indoor and outdoor usable.

Product description

  • Bold thick stainless steel, strong load bearing capacity, no rust
  • Fast folding, telescopic design, saving space 
  • Cross shelf design, stable structure without cracking
  • ABS non-slip mat, Unilateral drying will not fall

Product Detail

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Double quilt can be dried, no loner worry about being exposed to the ground 

Extebsible 0.33mm /0.55mm steel rod

It provides extra hanging space,so that your bags hats or scarves can be hanged on.

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Foldable & Space-saving

The laundry drying rack is foldable and convenient to store,it can be put in the wardrobe or the corner


The structure of the drying rack is made of stainless steel pipes,anti-rust,stable and durable for long time use.

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X-shape metal joint

Stainless steel joints are not afraid of rain and rust

Full Metal Folding Arm

It is convenient to store and fold, and it is a good partner for your home drying 

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  1. Thick stainless steel, super load bearing capacity
  2. Two-pole/Three pole design to increase drying space
  3. Lengthen and widen the drying area, more practical
  4. No need installation, foldable, easy to store


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